Create DNS records from Ingress

Learn how to create DNS records from Ingress

cloudflare-operator can create DNS records from Ingress resources. This guide shows how to configure the controller to automatically create DNS records for your Ingress resources.

Ingress annotations

One of the following annotations is required: or

Ingress objects that do not have one of these annotations will be ignored by cloudflare-operator.

These are the available annotations:

Annotation Value Description Required IP address or domain DNS record content (e.g. yes if ip-ref is not set Reference to an IP object e.g. my-external-ip yes if content is not set true or false Whether the record should be proxied no 1 or 60 - 86400 TTL of the DNS record no A, AAAA or CNAME Desired DNS record type no e.g. 5m0s Interval at which the DNSRecord object should be reconciled no

An example Ingress resource with annotations:

kind: Ingress
  annotations: CNAME
  name: blog
  namespace: blog
    - host:
          - backend:
                name: blog
                  name: http
            path: /
            pathType: Prefix

This will create a DNS record for the host with the content and the type CNAME.

Last modified February 4, 2024: docs: update ingress behavior (7d81544)